Friday, October 7

Immigrants are Patriots Too

Many thanks to Adam's Blog for his comments, and his perspective on the subject of immigration. I must be clear--I don't pretend to understand the whole issue, and I don't know all the elements that relate to the challenge of immigration. As Colson says, this at times seems like a no-win problem.

Adam responds to Katie's Dad's anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic comments.

Katie's dad's anti-hispanic and anti-Cuban and not pro-immigration reform. In other words, his view of America is that its only going to be suitable for White Europeans, to hell with everyone else whose here. I see this country founded by English colonists, but each group that's come has left its mark: The Italians, the Scots, the Germans, the Blacks, the Asians, and the Hispanics. The miracle of America is that while this country was founded by White Europeans, freedom can work for any race of people.

My family's been here for four generations, and my mother's even more. My wife's family is so ingrained in this country that she can't trace her mother's side of the family outside of Ohio. They came for a better life, they came for hope, for freedom, and for opportunity and America kept working. As for Hispanics, they're here and most of them love their country, go to work, pay taxes, and live the same lives we all do.

They do more than that. Take a look at these names:

Nicanor Alvarez
Caesar Baez
Richard Arriaga
Robert Arsiaga
Cabral Banuelos

These men were Hispanic, they were not descended from English settlers or of European heritage, yet they all died serving our country in Iraq. If they were not Americans, who is? If they were not patriots, who of us can claim to be? The blood of Latinos, Blacks, and Asians has secure our freedom and security.

We must stem the tide of illegal immigration, but in doing so, we must speak with respect for of all our citizens and turn aside from those who would turn this into a racist vendetta.

It don't mean to carry this argument on and on, but immigration is an important subject. I appreciate the words of readers that have engaged on this subject and added their perspectives. I realize we all will probably not agree on every detail, but I would hope that most would see the need for truth and compassion as we address this problem. Truth first.