Sunday, November 27

Tancredo: looking to blame immigrants for our own cultural problems

It's unfortunate, but it is my opinion that Tancredo has no credibility to speak on the issue of immigration. For him to say that legal immigration is where the nation's crisis starts, is to ignore the truth for the sake of his pet-cause and his drive for power and influence.

In one of two extensive interviews with The Denver Post about his life and career, Tancredo said that immigration - both legal and illegal - is just where the nation's crisis starts. While some celebrate the country's multitude of cultures, he sees it as dangerous.

Immigrants who cling to their language, heritage and loyalties while living in the U.S. threaten to turn the nation into a "Tower of Babel," he said.

He rails against what he calls "the cult of multiculturalism," or "people who are intent upon dividing America up into cultural enclaves, who are intent upon essentially minimizing the importance of Western civilization."

Don't get me wrong--he is right in a way about certain things. For example, I do think he is right in speaking against the "cult of multiculturalism" and the minimizing of Western civilization. Where he is missing it is that these problems are not coming from immigrants--they are born within our own liberal, left-wing academics. Multiculturalism and the ideals of "self-determination" are born in the breeding ground for leftist ideas--our universities.

Most, and I do mean a majority, of legal immigrants who enter this country come with an appreciation for Western values, and the Jude-Christian worldview that comes from a deep Catholic heritage. So, when you hear people like La Raza, MECHA, or others like them, do not be fooled into thinking that these ideals are being imported. These are all home-grown, American made values.

So, in a way Tancredo is right, but he is missing the root of the problem, when he blames legal immigrants of importing multiculturalism. Tancredo, we are doing all of that to ourselves, without any help from immigrants.

Why are you looking to blame immigrants for our own cultural problems? I suppose because it serves your purposes.