Friday, December 2

GOP Chairman Calls for Higher Ground on Both Border Security and Immigration has a Washington Post story by Dan Balz, on comments Ken Mehlman made before the Republican Governors Association yesterday. I don't agree with his wording in calling the White House's and the Chairman's approach a "Middle Ground." It makes it sound weak.

The truth is, a tougher stance on border security and adherence to the law is the higher ground. And, a hospitable, welcoming and supporting approach towards immigration is the higher ground. I appreciate the chairman's concern and warning--it would be a shame if the debate over border security is turned into a nationalistic, anti-immigrant prejudice. The fact is that immigrants have and continue to contribute much to our nation and our culture. This is no time to fall prey to prejudice, and further close our borders to safe and legal immigration. This is more than politics to me--it has everything to do with the continued prosperity, and moral fiber of our country.
Appearing before the Republican Governors Association, Mehlman waded into an issue that political analysts say threatens to rip apart the Republican coalition and inflict long-term damage to the party's hopes of expanding its appeal to Latino and other minorities. A top political hand to President Bush, Mehlman followed the White House lead in treading a middle path on the issue: He issued a strong call for tougher enforcement of immigration laws but extolled the contributions and denounced those who have sought to close the country to foreigners.

"Throughout our history, there have always been Americans who believed that coming to these shores was a right reserved only for them and their ancestors, but not for others," Mehlman said at a meeting of the Republican Governors Association (RGA). Citing Republicans and Democrats from earlier eras who had expressed anti-immigrant prejudice, he added, "Ladies and gentlemen, that was wrong then, and those who argue that now are wrong today."
For those nationalistic individuals who argue that immigration is diluting and hurting our precious, national, cultural values, I say shut down MTV, Playboy, and other smut-fest entertainment coming out of Hollywood--the holy temples of our contemporary culture--before you come and tell me immigrants are damaging our culture!

This is a free market capitalist society. If you are truly concerned about preserving our culture and moral fiber, that's where America needs to start voting with their pocket books and viewing selections--the television.

You can quote me on that.