Thursday, January 5

All New Visitors: Welcome to Latino Issues

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Welcome to PunditDrome readers who are visiting for the first time. Also, thank you to A.M. Mora y Leon at Publius Pundit for his strongly worded compliment. Welcome to Publius Pundit readers. I welcome and usually respond to comments. I hope you all enjoy this first visit (if its your first) and will come back often.

For those who haven't read it yet, check out A.M. Mora y Leon's comments on immigration. He has a solid post. Good stuff.
There's an immigration crisis in the U.S., prompting our more Neanderthal congressmen to propose building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. Latin America's good presidents, people like Vicente Fox and Tony Saca and Oscar Berger, much to my grief, have taken offense at this. But the Le-Pen-like reaction of our U.S. Congressional Neanderthals is a response to a problem that is real: the fact that too many people from Latin America just don't want to live there. For years, many Latin American nations have used the safety valve of immigration as the solution to their own failures to create viable states that people want to live in, states that can create wealth, jobs and a significant middle class.
Beyond the economic situation, Latin American countries continue to allow injustice and crime to grow unchallenged, as corrupt leaders line their pockets with foreign aid. This foreign aid, followed by left wing liberal strings attached--or worst yet, no strings and no accountability--is feeding their greed.

People not only want to know they can work and earn a decent wage and be able to feed their families. They want to know their wives are safe walking to the market, that their children will have better opportunities, that there is justice for crimes committed, and that they can actually slowly improve their lives. These governments offer nothing but despair, fear, and hopelessness.

What can we do? For me, I write about it, and I support with my money and time organizations like Great Commission Latin America. GCLA, over at, is working on the ground in Latin American countries like Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, and most recently, Mexico, and is providing micro-entrepreneurial opportunities, social and civic education, and spiritual support and development that gives much needed hope to the people of Central and South America. For me as a Christian, that is where ultimate change happens--a life transformed by a relationship with a true and personal God, who lived among us as Jesus Christ. Not a myth. Not fiction. History. I've seen it happen with my own eyes. And the true Biblical principles of Christianity do have real economic and social consequences.

I invite you to consider this message, if you have never thought about it. If you are already a Christian or follower of Christ, I invite you to check out