Wednesday, January 4

Socialism: Just a Bad Idea That Kills People

Mary Katharine Ham wrote over at Hugh Hewitt on the whole idea of socialism, and the truth about Castro's "forty-seven years of crimes against humanity and the human spirit." It's a must read for the day.

There is a whole region of the world at stake, along with generations of the people who live within it. When I see these things, I wonder how people can be taken in yet again by a theory proved wrong so many times over.

Charismatic leaders, the promise of something better, and an idea that sounds nice. But it's not nice. It's brutal in practice and soulless in theory.

Socialism is a nice idea, in theory, they tell me. I won't be conceding that point anymore. Too many have conceded it for too long, and too many have been fooled into thinking it can work-- again. And, the costs of that particular thought are just too high.

If you're so inclined, a donation to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is a great way to help everyone remember the victims of this theory.