Monday, January 30

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Have you seen Got an iPod? Then you want to get the Beyond the News daily commentary, and weekend journal podcasts. If you don't own an MP3 player, you can still listen to the shows online.
Beyond the News Commentaries bring daily concise and penetrating insight from leading voices in the conservative world today: David Aikman, Terry Eastland, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Albert Mohler and Janet Parshall. The commentary is heard daily on the radio stations of Salem Communications. It is also available online and through a free e-mail subscription.

Beyond the News Weekend Journal is a weekend radio news program syndicated by the Salem Radio Network. Weekend Journal provides radio listeners a distinctive perspective on the week’s events from personalities listeners can depend on. The program is heard each week on over 90 radio stations. It is also available for streaming at
Salem Communications and is my new employer, so I thought I would let you all know about it. I'm excited to be a part of the team, and I hope all my regular and new readers will help me in making a top source for conservative commentary and news.