Saturday, February 4

Perspective on Muslim Cartoon Controversy

Good thoughts on this whole controversy over the Mohammed cartoons from Paul J Cella over at
War and defiance. Denmark is our ally. Her troops are stationed with ours in Iraq. One of her newspapers, for interesting reasons that have largely been obscured in this debate, printed some cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, ranging from the innocuous to the tasteless to the offensive. This, in the logic of a great many Muslims, marks the Danes (and maybe any European) for death. "Behead those who mock Islam." "Butcher those who mock the Prophet." Those are the threats and we have seen them carried out before. I repeat: Denmark is our ally. Whatever the character of the original cartoons, the people who thunder these threats (threats which, again, we cannot possibly regard as idle), whether from the streets of Gaza or London, reveal themselves as, not merely Denmark's, but our enemy.

And call me a hothead or a warmonger if you must, but I regard defiance of the enemy in war to be a virtue
Let's not forget that regardless of the offense, a civilized people respond in civilized manner. There is more on this from Gibson's response to the Muslim outrage in yesterday's "My Word." (Watch Video)

...the Muslim world is wallowing in this. A Saudi cleric said Thursday, "This is great. The Muslim nation is fired up."

And, by the way, there's a story in The New York Times Friday about a painting hanging in a New York gallery that depicts Jesus as bin Ladin.

You see any rioting in the streets here? No.

Now that's civilization. People can be annoyed or angry or offended without having ambassadors recalled.

And, by the way, the people who are so insulted here don't see anything wrong with calling Jews pigs and apes, and calling Christians infidels and idolaters and go ahead and kill them.

It's a good idea not to insult someone's religion. It's also a good idea not to find insult everywhere you look.

Muslim nations have a lot to learn about liberty and democracy. Like the president said, it takes more than free elections to make a civilized and democratic country.

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