Thursday, February 9

Chavez tells Blair to go to hell

Sticks and stones... Chavez continues to show how much of a simpleton he is, and continues to drive a wedge between Venezuela and the international community with his hatefull rehtoric. The Guardian has the story of Chavez telling Blair to "go to hell" in a speech during a rally in Caracas.
"Go right to hell, Mr Blair," he told the prime minister during a speech in western Venezuela, using local slang to deliver the line. His exact words, "váyase largo al cipote", have no direct translation into English.

Mr Chávez described Mr Blair as "the main ally of Hitler" - an accusation that he is siding with the US president in its confrontation with Venezuela. Mr Chávez has taken to calling George Bush "Mr Danger" and "Danger Bush Hitler" among other epithets, and added that he would now need similar nicknames for Mr Blair.

"You messed with me, so put up with me," he told the prime minister. Quoting the lyrics of a Venuezuelan folk song that he also recited when he called Mexico's president Vicente Fox a "lapdog" of the United States, he added: "I sting those who rattle me, Mr Blair".