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More on the Seven Russian Soldiers Killed In Chechnya

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UPDATE: I did find a reference to the rebel group being Islamists on This was in statements by the Interior Ministry.
The dead suspects were alleged mercenaries for a radical Islamic group based in Chechnya, the Interior Ministry said. They were suspected of a series of attacks there, and of planning similar attacks against law enforcement authorities and strategic facilities in the Stavropol region.

They probably had planned to seize a school, RIA-Novosti reported, citing Viktor Barnash, the head of the Stavropol organized crime department.
I saw this story on Hugh Hewitt . I did a quick search on Google, and found more references to it on various Russian news web sites, but there was no mention in any of these articles about the rebels being Islamists. Are these journalist being politically correct? I am sure that in the minds of many legacy media journalists, these rebels are the moral equivalents of "freedom fighters" or something like that.

Also, from everything I have read so far, I did not find any reports of civilian casualties, other than the 7 police officers.

From Russia-Eurasia Terror Watch:
This afternoon, Kavkasky Uzel reported the names of the other three policemen killed by militants.

They are 21-year-old Lieutenant Ivan Voronin; 26-year-old Captain of the Kursky ROVD, Dmitriy Dermansky; and 21-year-old Kursky ROVD Senior Lieutenant Artem Yudin. Kavkazsky Uzel also reports two of the wounded policemen are in critical condition. One of them is in the Neftekumsky Central District Hospital Intensive Care Ward. "“He has numerous bullet wounds. We are evaluating his condition as critical,"” a hospital spokesman told Kavkazsky Uzel. is also reporting that a police officer was wounded from an IED in a neighboring region.
Meanwhile, in the neighboring region of Dagestan, a policeman suffered shrapnel wounds when an explosive device attached to a tree went off as he was passing by in a car, said Dagestani Interior Ministry spokeswoman Marina Rasulova. also has a Frame (video screen capture) from ORT-Channel.

Here is a good historical overview from the BBC of the ongoing problems with Chechnya. And here is the link to a BBC report on the police operation, which I'm guessing is the original report Hugh mentioned.

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