Monday, February 6

Is NBC Covering-Up Anti-Christian Bias?

Unfortunately, I could not find a link to the original AP article for this story. According to Tyler Morning Telegraph, New York-based AP reporter Jake Coyle reported on rumors of a "Will & Grace" episode featuring Britney Spears, as a christian character who hosts a cooking segment titled "Cruci-fixins".

The American Family Association has been on top of this story mobilizing its members to speak out, and is now reporting on its website that NBC is backing off and covering up the whole thing.

Here is the statement NBC sent to their affiliates for the affiliate to use in responding to emails and calls:
Some erroneous information was mistakenly included in a press release describing an upcoming episode of "Will & Grace" which, in fact, has yet to be written. The reference to "Cruci-fxins" will not be in the show and the storyline will not contain a Christian characterization at all.
The Tyler Morning Telegraph reported on the story.
[Mike Delier, general manager of the local NBC affiliate] said he spoke with NBC executives in New York on Tuesday after reading the AP article describing the "Will & Grace" episode, in which Britney Spears portrays a conservative Christian "sidekick" to the character Jack McFarland on a talk show. After Jack's TV network, "Out TV," is bought by a Christian TV network, Spears' character contributes a cooking segment called "Cruci-fixin's."

"Those executives told me they were caught completely by surprise by the AP article," said Delier. "They told me they had no idea where the information came from, that it must be an NBC West Coast thing and as far as they knew, no such segment existed, was scripted, titled or produced or approved by NBC's department of standards and practices. It's a rumor."But New York-based AP reporter Jake Coyle, who wrote the article, said he was surprised by Delier's response.

"This information was released by the NBC (network) in Burbank," Coyle said to the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Thursday. "We were not the first news outlet to run that story."
I heard about the pending "Will & Grace" episode, but was not surprised by the fact that NBC was doing the same old thing--being overtly anti-Christian. The fact that NBC is now reverting their intent, and denying ever having plans for the episode is newsworthy. Being that the AP is not a great defender of the right, I have no reason to not believe Coyle's report. This goes to show that the networks are desperate and continue to show ignorance of what mainstream American faith and family values look like. So, while they have freedom of speech, if they ever intend to keep their ratings, they will need to do a reality check and start treating the Christian faith with respect.

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