Monday, February 6

Communism Reruns: Marxist Oppression Advances in Bolivia

As I was telling a friend, why is it that Latin countries seem to never learn the lessons of the past. This time, the world cannot say they did not know what Communism is all about--repression.

DeepKeel posted on the move by Bolivia's new president to control the media.
Marxism is on the rebound around the world and especially in Latin America. Per the Marxist Operating Manual the first thing to do after winning an election is to use the tools of power to ensure communist rule forever. Control over the media is a crucial element of this, and the new marxist government of Bolivia is moving quickly to take charge of the media:

The Washington Times is covering the story.
Bolivia's new government has proposed legislation tightening regulations on the press, prompting fears of censorship among government critics and journalists.

Representatives of the ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS) maintain that the measures would affect only television and other electronic content considered "harmful to society."

"Control of the media has been a stated objective of Evo Morales," said a TV news executive, who asked not to be identified.

Members of Bolivia's leading press associations also fear that the government will use the measures to manipulate news coverage.

Some critics compare the proposed legislation to the Law of Social Responsibility in Radio and Television that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez enacted in his country a year ago.
Who is going to do something about this clear and present danger to the human rights of Latin America? What can be done? It seems these days have served to remind us all that election does not a free nation make.

If you are wondering why you should care, besides humanitarian and compasionate reasons, ask yourself where you think Bolivians will run to when things start going bad in Bolivia? United States of America, of course, land of opportunity and liberty for all. This wave of communism is only going to worsen the illegal immigration problem of our country.