Sunday, February 12

Forcing Abortionist to tell the truth: Abortion hurts!!

From World Magazine comes this news:
Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin – have passed laws that force abortionists to tell women having abortions that their babies will feel pain at least during and after the 5th month of pregnancy and they can give their unborn babies anesthesia to alleviate that pain. Wisconsin’s governor vetoed his state’s bill.
Why is NOW and Planned Parenthood so afraid of the truth? Could it be? An unborn baby is actually a human being; a life?

If you knew for a fact beyond a shadow of a doubt that the baby you carry inside of you is an actual live human life, would you still abort? If you don't know this for a fact, are you willing to take the risk of going through an abortion, if there is a possibility that this is true? If you don't know this for a fact, will you find out before you make a decision to abort.

Life is precious, and very much worth the time and effort to investigate the truth about pre-natal human development, and abortion. The consequences are to big to ignore.

To learn more, click here. Warning: The Justice For All Exhibit contains disturbing photographic images of real victims of abortion and genocide.