Wednesday, February 15

Left-Wing Media: Hunting for a Controversy

Enough already! The media's pathetic hunt for a controversy on Cheney is beyond understanding. As I watched today's press conference from the Corpus Christi hospital, reporters kept asking the same questions.

What is it they say about insanity? I think it goes "doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result." It seems to me reporters continue to ask questions in an attempt to show that Harry Whittington is getting preferential treatment just because of the VP. The hospital spokesperson had to explain why he was in a private room, etc. With the insanity the press has shown, I would have guards at my door! Memo to the media: give it up!

Of course, the news today on this is Fox New's exlusive interview with Cheney. Should be interesting, but I think way overdone.