Sunday, February 12

Mexican criminal syndicates Feeling the Heat

The New York times writes about the escalating violence at the Mexican/US border coming from criminal syndicates. It sounds to me like they are feeling the heat, and their business revenue source is being threatened! That is GREAT news!

Now is the time when the American people, and specially those of immigrant heritage, must call to our congress and the administration to continue working for solutions to our border security problems.
Mexican criminal syndicates are stepping up their attacks on American agents patrolling the border as officials of the Homeland Security Department intensify efforts to stem the flow of immigrants and drugs into the United States, American officials said this week.

In recent months, scores of Border Patrol agents have been fired upon or pelted with large stones as well as with cloth-covered stones that have been doused with flammable liquid and set ablaze. Since October, agents have been attacked in more than 190 cases, officials said on Thursday.

Most of the attacks have occurred along the Mexican border near San Diego, but shootings have also been reported along the border in Texas near the cities of Laredo and McAllen. In the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, there were 778 attacks on agents, up from 374 in the previous fiscal year, Homeland Security Department officials said.

The NY Times mentions a 1980's court ruling that has tied the hands of officials when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants from El Salvador! Now, I lived in El Salvador during their civil war, so I understand what those times where like. But, that war has long been over, and the country has since moved forward in great strides!

This is the sort of thing that requires quick action for a simple solution. I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not sure what would need to be done. But, the point is, whatever reason for the ruling in 1980's, it is no longer valid! Immigration officials need to be able to deport illegal immigrants promptly in order to maintain our national security.

Mr. Chertoff said the department planned to focus on illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico, who have typically been released after apprehension because of shortages of beds. Last fall, he expanded the use of summary deportations, a process known as expedited removal, in which illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico are detained and then deported without seeing an immigration judge.

But officials have struggled to find space for family groups and remain unable to process illegal immigrants from El Salvador because of a court ruling from the 1980's, when civil war wracked that country, that requires officials to allow Salvadorans to see judges before deportation.

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