Friday, May 26

Critics Say Bill Diminishes Due Process for Immigrants?

Diminishes due process? They are here illegaly! The bill is meant to secure the borders, and yes--enforce the LEGAL (due) process of immigrants. Hidden traps--thats what they call enforcement...hmm.

The legislation approved by the Senate yesterday would offer many illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship. But advocates of expanded immigration rights complain that "hidden traps" woven through the bill's 300 pages erode significant due-process protections for all foreign-born people living in the United States.

A coalition of civil rights, religious and legal groups says the legislation would make it easier for the government to detain or deport immigrants -- whether in the country legally or not -- while making it more difficult for them to prove they deserve asylum or naturalization.

Well, if you have a hard time proving you deserve asylum or naturalization, perhaps it will make others consider immigrating thats a novel idea!!

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