Thursday, May 25

Listening in on the Hugh HewittShow

UPDATE: I got to sit in on the show during the start of the second hour, so I missed this. He's right--to many talking heads doing a lot of talking, without having read what they are talking about. This is why I have not talked about it.

You owe it to yourself to know what this guy is saying, and about the looming confrontation we're facing as a nation, and what the next two elections here will say about whether we're going to face up to it or not.

RadioBlogger has the audio file.

But, during the second segment (I think) of the second hour, Hugh made a striking comment on the similarities Iranian's expatriates are feeling these days--seeing how Mahmoud Ahmadinejead is destroying Iran,--and what Cuban's feel about what castro has done to Cuba. It's not very often you hear that sort of comparison.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejead and Castro--two monsters of the same kind. After all, its not about ideology, about making life better for the people, or even about any sort of religious beliefs. Like Hugh's guest said, at the end its all about power.


I have the honor of sitting in on the Hugh Hewitt show today. He is talking about Brian Ross' and ABC's Reputation "In the Mix(er).", the immigratin reform bill that just passed, and the Debra Livingston nomination.
A solid source tips that Debra Livingston, Vice Dean of Columbia Law School, will be the next Administration nominee for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
I love the radio business, so this should be fun.--and intresting. Hugh is making some compelling comments on the immigration bill. Listen in.