Saturday, May 27

Letting Vicente Take Credit for the Immigration Bill

Publius Pundit gives us something positive that can result from the mushy immigration bill that came out of the Senate. If you have been following the news of Vicente Fox's visit to the US, you might have heard that he is taking credit for the passing of the immigration bill. A.M. Mora y Leon had this to say.

Go on, let him take credit.

Vicente Fox’s center-right, free-market PAN party, and its candidate, Felipe Calderon, is likely to reap big.

This is good news for everyone, including us in the U.S.

The PAN party is running on a platform of job creation, and of opening Mexico’s closed energy sector to put Hugo Chavez out of business and provide more oil for us since the clowns in U.S. Congress still don’t get it about offshore drilling.

Mexico’s gains in transparency, in better market regulation, in sound stable currency, in fiscal discipline and in a rising stock market - and believe it or not, job creation - will continue apace and not be rolled back by an inward-looking Hugo-Chavez-style populist in Mexico.

Let's hope that greater transparency means reduction in corruption, and better opportunities for every hard working Mexican--not just those with connections.

Reuters has more on the story here.