Tuesday, May 23

So much to do, not enough time...

Sometimes, I wish I had the powers of the Joshua of Biblical times, who in need of a few more hours to defeat their enemies, called out to the sun to stop on its path. Scripture says the sun stayed in its place--I forget for how long--allowing Joshua and the Israelite armies to defeat their enemies.

Now, I'm not fighting any war--other than the war of ideas--but I sure could use a few more hours! This is all just to say sorry for the lack of posts today. I'm on deadline to code some major sections of a new site, and was not able to even take a short break to comment on the events of the day.

I did want to mention that I am now blogging over at TownHall.com's C-Log, under the leadership of Steve Muscatello. Steve and I are now co-workers, since my employer aquired TownHall.com (I know there is a press release somewhere, but I can't find it). Today, to start off, I just reposted some comments already posted here. I hope you will make me look good, and head on over and add it to your blogroll and bookmarks list.