Saturday, September 10

Illegal Immigration get's in the Way of Disaster Rescue Efforts, May be Costing Lives

Illegals, afraid of deportation, are afraid of going into official shelters or to seek help. Both the Mexican and Honduran government are feeling the need to release official statements regarding deportations during this period of recovery for New Orleans residents.

"Honduran's in the U.S. Need Not Fear Deportations," says the headline for Tiempo Digital, a Spanish honduran newspaper. Honduran chancellor Mario Alberto Fortin Midence declared that "The United States is not doing masive deportations, and much less in light of the tradjedy and floodings in New Orleans."

This is why illegal immigration is wrong, and most importantly, wrong for the illegal immigrants themselves. To live in a strange country in fear of deportation, at the cost of seeking help when truly needed, is a crime. Worst of all, the greater crime is commited by these Latinamerican countries that seem to encourage illegal immigration. Lives are at risk.

La Tribuna, another Honduran newspaper, is reporting that more than 100 thousand Hondurans are victim of the damages of Katrina (In Spanish). Honduran families are working through the Red Cross to attempt to locate missing families, who have not yet been reached.

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