Saturday, September 10

The Real Cuba, The Worst of the Worst

A reader, who cowardly remained annonymouse, asked if things where as terrible in Cuba as some say it is. Initially, I thought perhaps this reader was intelectually impaired, but then I realized this would not be fair to many out there, who are victims of the mainstream media.

To be fair, today we are going to address this question.
If things are so terrible in Cuba, why does the US prevent citizens such as myself from going there? I have trouble believing much of anything that comes out the mouth of George Bush and his cronies... If I could see with my own eyes that things are as terrible as you say in Cuba, maybe you would make me a believer. But you may be lying too.
The truth is there is little I can say first hand. I am a US citizen, and I have never been to Cuba. I never will, until Castro dies, but I can go to those who ARE in Cuba and live under Castro's so-called revolution each and every day. Pay attention Mr. "Freedom" and tell me if this makes you a believer. Check out and the many other web sites that display the truth about Castro's Cubal. The following are stories from today's home page of, a non-profit that published news reports from the island.
Violent eviction leads to near-riot
A forced eviction in Banes August 12 lead to a near-riot by neighborhood residents, who became riled up by police and Housing Authority officials' manhandling of the house's residents, including an older woman who suffered an ischemic attack and was left lying on the pavement.

Independent journalist receives death threat
Independent journalist Karel Castillo Pérez de Alejo, who is also a political activist, received a death threat this week from one of several men waiting for her outside her mother's me.

Well known doctor among those drowned trying to flee Cuba
One of 31 Cubans who drowned last week while trying to join his wife in the United States was a well-known doctor, Pablo Ruiz Porra, who died on his sixth attempt to flee the country.
Perhaps real live stories are not enough--allow me to invite you, my reader, to view the following documents.
The fact is that the Cuban people are suffering. Castro makes a mockery of Cuba's suffering with his offer of free medical care and doctors for New Orleans. The fact is, everyone knows that Cuba's so-called doctors are communist agitators and spies for Castro. If you want to visit Cuba, go ahead, but make sure to open your eyes, and see if you can get a tour through the political gulags, or the impovrished homes of the real Cuban people, who suffer from power outages, food shortages, and an all around miserable life.