Monday, September 5

New Orleans a Model of Liberal Ideas Among Minorities

I have been thinking about the troubling anarchy been observed in New Orleans, and what it is that America needs to learn from the scenes on our TV. Seeing how New Orleans is largely Democrat, one would assume that the results of liberal ideas in regard to how Democrats are helping African Americans cuold be best be observed there.

The Liberals would have minorities become helpless, government-dependent and would take away our self-reliance and determination. This is what our culture and communities could look like, should we turn to the Democratic party for leadership. New Orleans turned into anarchy in the absence of a government to provide order, direction, and authority. Is this the Democrat's idea of a ideal society? Would the liberals have us become a collection of individuals that are unable to be self-reliant, to display civility in the face of hardship, and go out of control within hours of the government losing control?

This truly is a perfect example of what happens when a community depends on it's government to much. If a people cannot rule themselves, they will be ruled by the law. The problem is that in those moments of crisis, when the law is unable to exert control, those that are ruled by the law will become lawless. America, take note. Government is not the solution. They have a role and a place, but civility, nobility, safety and prosperity comes at the hands of a united, civil, and hard working community; not the government.

Perhaps the violence and anarchy in New Orleans is partly to blame for the left's all-out attacks on the Bush Administration. Democrats are trying to distract from the reality of their policies in action. Joe Rega made an interesting comment in reaction to the NY Times left-propaganda article over at
The Democrats are terrified by Republican advances made among black voters. While I don't believe Rice would even consent to the vp slot on the 2008 ticket, the democrats aren't taking any chances. The more they shine a light on things like this, the more darkness will cover what they don't want anyone to see, in this case the type of squalor that black people have been reduced to in the eternally Democratic New Orleans.
Ideas do have consequences, and one has to wonder what ideology and what sort of policies have lead the African American community down this path? As these comments point out, you certainly cannot blame the right for the conditions these people where placed in. New Orleans has been Democrat controlled for quite a long time. What sort of hope and future can the Democratic party offer minorities in this country? If New Orleans is any indication...not much.

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