Monday, September 5

Stem Cell Research Oversold, Hyped for Political Reasons, Says Expert

Professor Robert Winston has the guts to be honest about the lack of results in embryonic stem cell research, but to bad he doesn't have the ethical courage to make a complete stand against the murder of unborn human beings.

But, this is the truth about embryonic stem cell research in the US--it is being hyped for political and financial reasons. The truth, on the other hand, is that embryonic stem cells are giving no home for any sort of cure, and have no promise of ever doing so. This, while at the same time, all evidence points to great potential in other areas of stem cell research.

The British Times Online reports on the story:
The promise of embryonic stem (ES) cell research has been oversold by scientists, according to a British expert in reproductive medicine.

The likely benefits of ES cells and the speed with which they will help patients have been exaggerated to persuade politicians and the public to support this controversial field, Lord Winston, the fertility specialist and broadcaster, will say today.
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