Monday, September 5

NY Times Reads Like a Propaganda Piece

NY Times has gone out on a limb again to make sure to paint a propaganda picture of the Bush Administration. Has the Left not learned anything about anonymous sources? As low as the media's credibility is doing right now, the NY Times just can't resist throwing this one out there. Not that anyone cares--their only readers are the left-wing nut cases that believe the lies they see fit to print. Here are some thoughts from Kilmer at
When reporting something this serious, that the White House's response to a natural disaster of this magnitude is merely a political show, one would think a responsible reporter would find some sources inside the White House. Anonymous "Republicans" do not lend credibility merely because they are not anonymous "Democrats."

This read like a propaganda piece one might see posted on Daily Kos or Democratic Underground, both of which have bee marginalized by their political jaundice. I don't necessarily expect better of the NYT's political reporters, but part of me would like to see something more ingenuous in this circumstance from members of the human race.