Thursday, February 23

Abortion Banned in South Dakota

Via The SD Senate passed an abortion ban 23-12 that has one exception: life of the mother. Here is the text of the House version of the bill.
Section 1. The Legislature accepts and concurs with the conclusion of the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion, based upon written materials, scientific studies, and testimony of witnesses presented to the task force, that life begins at the time of conception, a conclusion confirmed by scientific advances since the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, including the fact that each human being is totally unique immediately at fertilization. Moreover, the Legislature finds, based upon the conclusions of the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion, and in recognition of the technological advances and medical experience and body of knowledge about abortions produced and made available since the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, that to fully protect the rights, interests, and health of the pregnant mother, the rights, interest, and life of her unborn child, and the mother's fundamental natural intrinsic right to a relationship with her child, abortions in South Dakota should be prohibited. Moreover, the Legislature finds that the guarantee of due process of law under the Constitution of South Dakota applies equally to born and unborn human beings, and that under the Constitution of South Dakota, a pregnant mother and her unborn child, each possess a natural and inalienable right to life.
This also via CitzenLink email"
South Dakota, today, became the first state in more than a decade to ban abortion. The Senate voted to pass the measure 47-22. The measure easily passed the state House two weeks ago.

The bill's only exception is if the mother's life is in danger.

Leslee Unruh, founder of the Alpha Center, a pregnancy-resource agency, said after a task force found abortion was detrimental to women, the Legislature did the right thing.

"Passage of this legislation culminates years of legislative efforts and fact-finding," she said. "The overwhelming mass of research could be ignored no longer.
Abortion hurts women. South Dakota's Legislature heard the cry of those who have been harmed by abortion and passed this bill to protect women and children."

The bill will now head to the desk of Republican Gov. Mike Rounds to be signed into law.

"Now is the appropriate time for this legislation," Unruh said. "Governor Rounds, please sign this bill."
Of course, I expect this will get thrown at the courts, which might be just fine. It's time to put those two new Supreme Court judges to the test.