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So it Begins: Week two of Cheney Hunting Story

The left just loves sucking on their huge left foot, which continues to be thrust way up their collective mouths. So, here is the roundup of posts:

At the top of the list, of course, is the DrugeReport, who has the inside story on next weeks cover stories for Newsweek and Time.
If the nation's top magazines have the pulse of the country -- get ready for another exhaustive week of exhaustive Cheney shooting coverage!

This just in... Both TIME and NEWSWEEK are planning high impact covers of Cheney for newsstands starting tomorrow, with each magazine rolling out top staff bylines and thousands of words on the hunting incident: TIME: With deep reporting by John Cloud, Mike Allen and Matthew Cooper/ Washington, Cathy Booth Thomas and Patricia Kilday Hart/ Austin, and Hilary Hylton. NEWSWEEK urgently brings in its big investigative guns: Evan Thomas, Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, Richard Wolffe, Holly Bailey, Mark Hosenball and Eleanor Clift in Washington and Carol Rust in Texas.
Pejman Yousefzadeh at puts his 2 cents about the media's bias. Make sure to read the full post--they dissect the Newsweek story piece by piece.
One of the more ridiculous aspects of the Cheney-goes-a-huntin' story is the way in which it has been picked up by the national media to attack all sorts of perceived character and institutional flaws of the Vice President and the Vice Presidency. It is one thing to criticize the media strategy that was used in the wake of the hunting accident involving Harry Whittington. It is quite another to bootstrap every accusation along with the kitchen sink that one can find in the wake of the story.
Then of course, there is the Newsweek article mentioned above. The headline already tells you the angle and the left-wing bias.
He peppered a man in the face, but didn't tell his boss. Inside Dick Cheney's dark, secretive mind-set--and the forces that made it that way.
Oooh. Dark. Secretive. I know--Republicans are evil, and Dick Cheney is our Dark Sith Lord. Ugh! The media has become the story. I know everyone else is just as sick of this as I am.

To give you a visual of the blogsphere's buzz on this story, here is Technorati's chart on the Cheney tag.
Posts tagged Cheney per day for the last 30 days.
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