Wednesday, February 22

Port Deal: When have Democrats ever stood for the right thing for America?

Jeff Blanco has an interesting perspective on the sale of the port managment company to the Arab corporation. I really don't know what to think, and generaly, trust Bush's leadership. I think politicly this whole thing is a bad move, but that doesn't mean the deal itself is bad. I simply do not have enoughy facts to decide either way. On the other hand, knowing how a corporate parent company would have complete access to our port related information, I'm not comfortable about the deal either.

I thought Jeff's way of looking at it was interesting.
Think about it folks, when was the last time that Democrats, on the whole, actually stood up for the right thing in America? Think hard, name one thing where Democrats have put America first above all? It's a universal rule, no matter how good something is for this country, Democrats will point to another country and say their's is better. Canada's healthcare is better, Rwanda was a better war than Iraq, even the dictator Hugo Chavez is a better "president" than George W. Bush. Europe's gas prices are better than ours, French people know how to fight a war, even though they can't win one. When have Democrats ever stood for the right thing for America?
Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Hugh's perspective ads value:

The almost instant and widespread negative reaction to the proposed sale of the contract for port operations in several major U.S. cities to a firm owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates is based on the intuition --held obviously by many, many people-- that the deal would make America more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

That intuition is not based on crude typecasting of all UAE citizens as potential terrorists. Rather, it seems to be based on a general understanding that (1)big, successful crimes involve either extensive surveillance and/or cooperation by an "insider," and that (2) ownerwship of the port operations by the UAE increases the likelihood of both.

These are not irrational reactions.

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