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Endorsing a Democrat

I did find out that he used to be a Republican. Actually, he ran in 2000 as a Republican I think. Te lo digo, so you are warned in case anyone comes to discredit the guy with that argument....since they already tried at my site.
"La Ventanita"
For readers in that district, make sure to get out and support this guy.

I never thought this day would come, but here it is. I am joining Val and Venti over at BabaluBlog in endorsing Carl McGill for the 35th California Congressional District. I did not read much about his social or family issues views, so this is not a full endorsement, but from what I have read about his opponent, this is the better candidate.

Here is his official statement on Castro and Cuba.

February 21, 2006

Good Day Sirs and Madams,

I am very concern about a dictator so close to our borders. And I'm concerned for four reasons. These reasons refer to human rights and homeland security.

First, I am of black American and Caribbean descent. In both the US and the island countries, the essence of my existence was the violation of human rights, and that refers to slavery and colonialism. In the dark periods of this hemisphere's historical past existed conditions that many Cubans go through everyday, and that's life under a dictator. So, think God America and its most of its Caribbean sisters have evolved in human rights.

Second, as we celebrate Black History Month, the Congressional Black Caucus represents the opposite of what black Americans should symbolize, and that's freedom. Maxine Waters and the CBC support Fidel Castro. As politicians, they should wonder why there is little to no representation of Cuba's current population in government. Demographically, current Cuba is mostly people of color. Is that reflected in the government? No! But go to Castro’s jails and one could easily see differently.

Third, on their VIP trips to Cuba, why don't Waters and others question human rights violations unless they support it? I think it's because they represent their districts similar to how Castro runs Cuba. Socialism does not work. Only free societies prosper. So as a member of the US Congress, I would vote to enforce the embargo on Castro until Cuba changes it governmental leadership. We don't need an island prison existing in a democratic hemisphere. And representatives of a free that represent free people should not use their elected office to support Cuba's dictator. And I think black Americans, once educated truthfully about Castro's island prison, would be appalled at the black caucus' friendship with Castro. Didn't we free Cuba from Spain because of how the Cubans were mistreated? Therefore, I believe American needs to free Cuba from Fidel Castro, and I would stand with the Honorable Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the US Congress on this issue.

Finally, as Al Qaeda is America's enemy in the war on terrorism, so is Castro. We haven't determined if Castro has Al Qaeda ties. So he is not exonerated from the possibility of launching the next 911. Therefore, we must remember the "Missiles of October," for Al Qaeda has replaced the Russians as are enemy in the fight for freedom, and the friend of our enemy is our enemy.


Carl McGill
Candidate for Congress 2006
35th California Congressional District

I like his anti-socialism stand, and he has a strong commitment to the second amendament.

Val provided these links in reference to his opponent, Maxine Watters.

Im sure you all remember Maxine "Elain Gonzalez belongs with his father" Waters, dont you?

Here are some other items of interest regarding good ole Maxine and here's a letter stating she supports murderer Asata Shakur who is hiding out in Cuba.

Oh, and did I mention Maxine is a member of the Progressive Caucus, the one started by the one time leader of the Democratic Socialists of America?


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