Saturday, February 25

David Limbaugh: Borders Policy and "Portgate"

This is a great article and a must-read for the weekend. I agree with David that the base has lost confidence with the Administration when it comes to border security, which has a big part in why many voters are not to confident in the port operations sale. When Bush says "trust me," when it comes to border security, the voters are not so sure. No offense intended to our UAE friends, but we cannot be "sensitive" to arab sentiments to when it comes to our national security.
Most conservatives, I think, see Bush as enormously committed to America's national security and the Global War on Terror (GWOT). But many find themselves scratching their heads over his perceived "open borders" policy. Why, they wonder, is he so genuinely clear-sighted about the evil of terrorists and the global threat they pose to the point of fashioning his legacy-making foreign policy doctrine around an unprecedented preemption strategy, yet seemingly oblivious to the potential threat in our back, front and side yards? Why the disconnect?

Actually, to call it a disconnect is a major understatement. It's more like a gargantuan gap in an otherwise fully coherent policy. If his driving ambition is to make America safer from our terrorist enemies, why does he risk sabotaging that objective by making us more vulnerable right at home?

Frankly, I'm not sure the president has a blind spot on immigration, because I'm not sure I even understand what his policy is. But if in fact his borders policy can be reconciled with his general policy against terrorists, he hasn't yet made that case to the American people, much less to his base.
So, what do you say Mr. President? Why should we be confident in your fact-checking and due diligence, when the administration has not be decisive in securing our own southern border? More border guards is great. But, we don't see action. Not that nothing has been done. We need to see it and hear about it. It is, after all, a war on terror.

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