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Betsy's Page: An Ounce of Prevention

With the attention given to the temporary loss of Betsy's Page from Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt, and Captain Ed, I thought I would look into the process or steps to doing a blog back up. For those who are convinced that this is reason to jump ships, you'll want to know how to move over your posts. I myself am starting to consider moving my blog, but not for technical reasons--mostly because I want to have it on my own domain.

It's a major feature lacking in that they don't offer an easy backup system, specially when you consider the value and importance of many blogs out there. They provide a page explaining step by step how to create a backup. Its worth checking out, thought it might be medium difficulty in terms of technical requirements.
How do I create a backup of my entire blog?

Blogger does not have an export or download function. However, you can use the following instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as desired.
Of course, if you are moving to WordPress powered blog, then check in the import section on bringing in your I tried it, but it didn't quite work as advertised. I think, though, my bad connectivity had something to do with it. has a page with more instructions on importing from, as well as a whole list of other common blogging platforms.

WordPress currently supports importing data in the form of posts (articles) and most of the details or features supported by the existing software, from the following content publishing platforms.

Most of the following WordPress-supported import scripts can be found under the "Import" tab of your Wordpress administration interface.

If you run into specific problems, a search on the WordPress Support Forum ( will likely lead to a solution or try the Codex FAQ. Users of a blogging system not listed here who wish to switch to WordPress are invited to ask for help in the WordPress Support Forum ( as well.

To help you understand the differences between WordPress and other existing software, we recommend you review the WordPress Features and more on Working with WordPress.

PC Here, another blog, had this suggestion which I thought was a good and easy one (and includes help for Mac users!). Check out the full post for tips on backing up your comments and more.
Try third party back up tools - like the HTTrack Web site copier for Windows users and Webgrabber for Mac users. Each of these applications will create a fully working, interlinked local copy of your blog for browsing offline and easily allow you to back up. Remember it will take considerable time and internet bandwidth if you have a huge blog.
Hope these help. Feel free to trackback. If you have additional suggestions I missed, pass them on to me, and I'll ad them and link back to your blog.

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