Tuesday, March 14

Quote of the day: Preserving meaningful limits on government

Here is a small reminder why government has no business asking for my money! I love my "Get Liberty News" emails, just because of these quotes.

"As government grows, the temptation to misuse it for personal or political gain multiplies. Preserving meaningful limits on the size and scope of government protects taxpayers and protects politicians--from themselves."

Mark Hillman, Colorado State Treasurer
It's to bad CO citizens didn't get this, and approved Ref. C last year. I got taxed heavy this year! Ugh! Looking at my Federal Income taxes comparison, it shows that my income in 2005 increased by about %50, but my income tax increased over 400%!!

The Federal government is taking to much of MY money! Every time President Bush mentioned another initiative or another "great-next-big-thing" at the State of the Union, I would cringe!! I could feel my pockets getting lighter!