Wednesday, March 15

CALL TO ACTION: Pass HR 1606 or face regulations on the internet

This is going to affect the small guys more than anyone! The blogosphere is the one place where any one person has the power to influence many and be heard. Take action!

From Krempasky at

We've been working for a long time on HR 1606 - The Online Freedom of Speech Act. It will come up for a vote on the floor of the House TOMORROW but as you read this - the campaign regulation community is hard at work - working the halls of Congress, lying about not only our bill - but "their" bill as well. And as far as their intentions go - well, I think it's fair to say that when it comes to THEM bragging about protecting free speech - they are not to be trusted.

Of all the work you've done on this issue - no day is more important that today. Start with this list. Call the Republicans that wobbled last time 1606 was on the floor. And don't stop there.

Here are the relevant points:

  • HR 1606 is a simple bill that simply puts into law the existing status quo. It preserves the system under which we operated for the 2004 elections - WHEN THERE WAS NO CORRUPTION OR SCANDAL. It's supported by bloggers left and right.
  • HR 4900 (also known as the CDT proposal) is NOT an acceptable alternative to HR 1606. It's attractive, and while complicated it has a lot to like - and we can look at it after we pass 1606 - but this is the bottom line: if HR 1606 is not passed TOMORROW, the FEC will issue regulations for politics on the internet.
  • The reformers regulators merely want to delay the process while the Commission will be forced to issue regulations.
  • This is a TINY, TINY law. It does NOT open up a gaping loophole - and you can support BCRA and still believe that this little tiny section of American politics ought to be free. (don't trust me - ask FEC Chairman Michael Toner)
Seriously folks - it's gameday. Get on the horn. If you need the views of a democrat - check Bob Bauer. He's all over it.

Update [2006-3-15 12:36:51 by krempasky]: - about an hour ago - the Chairman of the FEC announced a one-week pause in the final vote on regulations TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO HR 1606 tomorrow. It couldn't be more clear: pass HR 1606 or face regulations on the internet. Period.

Also from
Pick up your phone. Call (202) 224-3121

Call these people first:

Charles Bass, NH (

Sherwood Boehlert, NY
Jeb Bradley, NH

Mike Castle, DE (spoke against the bill)

Howard Coble, NC
Jo Ann Emerson, MO
Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ
Elton Gallegly, CO
Wayne Gilchrest, MD
Paul Gillmor, OH
Joel Hefley, CO
David Hobson, OH
Nancy Johnson,CT
Tim Johnson, IL

Mark Kirk, IL (why not visit his blog?)

Ray LaHood, IL
Steven LaTourette, OH
Jim Leach, IA
Frank LoBiondo, NJ
Tom Osborne, NE
Tom Petri, WI
Todd Platts, PA
Jim Ramstad, MN
Ralph Regula, OH
Jim Saxton, NJ

Jean Schmidt, OH
So much for those comments made directly to RedState.

Joe Schwarz, MI
Rob Simmons, CT
Chris Smith, NJ
Michael Turner, OH
Fred Upton, MI
Greg Walden, OR
Jim Walsh, NY
Zack Wamp, TN
Curt Weldon, PA
Heather Wilson, NM
Frank Wolf, VA