Tuesday, March 14

Off Topic: Dell to Buy Alienware?

Well, I rarely go into technology issues, but I heard about this, and I checked in with a friend that works inside Alienware.
According to a few sources in my department Dell has already bought out Alienware and will be going with it public very soon. The owner of voodoo pc mentioned it in his blog a few weeks back. There is already talk in the office about the buyout but not one executive in the company has given validity to the rumors. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.
So, it sounds like it happened, but true to what I have heard on the blogosphere, there has not been any official confirmation. These kind of buyouts are always sort of sad, because there is a special kind of service and quality a small company offers. Let's hope Dell doesn't cannibalizes their product line, and is able to keep the service levels. Mostly, I think its regretable because it reduces competition in the Gaming PC nitch--that's never good. But, hey--if this will help both companies produce a better product at lower prices, that's economic market forces.

There is more here, and here.

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