Wednesday, March 15

C-SPAN: Immigration Issues at U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

4:08: Jorge Ramos challenges the panel to spend a day without benefiting from illegal immigrant labor. His point, I think, is to highlight migrant worker's role in our society, and it seems to me he was speaking of the problem of illegal immigration as a problem of exploitation. He has a point.

Mexican ambassador, "lets not get into the blame game" A Mexican citizen in the audience reminds him that the Mexican president has failed to provide job opportunities to Mexican citizens, and asks why he does not accept the blame.

3:59 PM:
Talking about the Minutemen. Hector, President of League of United Latin American Citizens, doesn't agree with the MinuteMen project. I think non-Americans cannot understand the great American tradition of voluntarism and the citizen's responsibility. I do have to agree with him in that Minutemen project is a symptom of a failed immigration policy!

LIVE STREAM BLOGGING: Becerra, D-CA., "Jobs being offered is the big magnet" He asks when was the last time you heard about a employer being prosecuted for giving jobs to illegals. Remove the demand, the supply will go down. Better yet, provide for proper legal method to supply that demand. It is basic economics.

Watch the live stream from C-Span. Jorge Ramos is there.
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There are going through some QA with Jim Kolbe , R, Arizona
and Xavier Becerra , D-CA.

Jorge just asked a hard hitting question about the reality of amnesty, and the ability of congress to enforce the law.

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