Saturday, April 8

Good News for Free Markets from South America

A.M. Mora Y Leon has the story. Let us hope she continues on this path, and does well. It will do the region a lot of good to have a stabilizing local force. I have known many Peruvians. They are great people, and it would be good to see that country improve its economy.

A new poll shows that Peru’s free-market, free-trade, pro-property-rights, anti-poverty, anti-Hugo Chavez candidate is BACK IN FIRST PLACE ahead of Peru’s polls this Sunday!

If it’s accurate, this is great news! Lourdes Flores is once again topping Ollanta Humala in Peru’s presidential race, not a moment too soon.

It immediately follows Flores’ willingness to confront and speak the truth about Hugo Chavez, the continent’s worst tyrant (see my post below), and stand up for democracy!