Thursday, April 6

Must Read -- RedState on Immigration

This is how it seems to me the GOP should stand!! Most citizens of Latino or immigrant heritage can agree and support this! Awesome!
Before even getting into our points, let's start with the basic fact that something must be done. The cost of doing nothing is greater than even the cost of legitimate enforcement of current laws. Police in border states are overwhelmed as are local taxpayers. Many illegal immigrants insult the rule of law by being here, get angry when we call them "illegal" immigrants as opposed to "undocumented," and march in our streets demanding we do nothing to them. There is a social cost to illegal immigration and there is an economic cost.
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I'm all for the abolishment of minimum wage, by the way. At one point in time, I worked for FREE in an arquitects office as a draftman. Why? To gain experience and knowledge! If I am willing to work for free, why should the government stop me! The minimum wage is costing our economy more than people realize, and it is very related to the problem of immigration.