Wednesday, April 5

Kathleen Parker: Para espanol, Mexico is lovely this time of year

Great article! For those who want to get into the right of self-determination and the whole Reconquista thing, you have to read this. Here is why illegals don't really want this country to look and sound more like Mexico, even for those who don't know it. We must remain one nation, united by common values.

I'll take this opportunity to repeat my belief that any sort of path towards citizenship should REQUIRE learning basic English. It should also require testing on some basic American history.

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from Kathleen Parker over at
Do illegal Mexican immigrants really want Texas or Arizona or California without the U.S. economy, or the U.S. social services, or the inspired government instruments that have made this country so attractive to so many?

That's the pinch, isn't it? The country's riches and benefits are not free for the picking - nor are they all necessarily indigenous to the physical territory - but are part of a national package that demands citizenship of its citizenry.

Mexicans are as welcome as any other group of people - and we all came from somewhere else, including the American Indians whose ancestors migrated from elsewhere - but reconquering, alas, requires a military action that could get messy. A simpler, more civilized course involves taking a number, waiting in line, and signing on to the principles of assimilation, without which we will not long be a united states of anything or a worthy destination for immigrants.

Para espanol, meanwhile, Mexico is lovely this time of year.

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