Thursday, April 6

We Stand Proud Knowing We Are The Best!

I thought I would share parts of a letter from my younger brother who is going through boot camp with the Coast Guard. I thought it was interesting he felt compelled to assert the fact that he is treated with respect. It makes me wonder how much it is a response to perceived negative image the military has on the outside. Can you tell that he's loving it!
Mom & Dad,

Well to begin I'm eating like a horse! Besides that it's going ok, I guess.

My company almost got reverted yesterday! We are not coming together as a team...too many egos!! I hate it cause I'm giving it my best but when they mess up we all pay for it so it sucks. But I guess we are getting through and coming together little by little.

Tomorrow will be April 3, our 3rd week as a company. Hopefully we come through fast and go on to week 4.

Our LCD (Lead Company Com.) is super harsh and crazy but I love him a lot, good guy, good morals, high standards and won't settle for less than pefection. He wants us to be the best company. Yankee 173 is the only company that will have that name ever in history. Never again will there be a Yankee 173. So he is "Intensive Training" us a lot. He calls it a beating. It's funny, but I like it!

They treat us good with respect, no one ver gets cussed-out or cursed at, neither do they hit us. Very awesome people, probably the greatest people I'll ever meet!! He always tells us that if we believe in something whether it be God, country or ourselves, to give it everything we've got--to chase it like there was no other, no space for mistakes, or second thoughts. Perfection is what they ask of us. Second thoughts can kill people in the field.

Those are some of his words anyway.... I like boot camp! It's hard, but by now it should not be .... so much! But it's cool!

Well, say hi to everyone.

SR Sierra, J.S.
United States Coast Guard
We Stand Proud Knowing We Are The Best!