Friday, April 7

Immigration Bill Compromise

I haven't had as much time to blog as I would like, but I thought I would provide a round up on the immigration bill amnesty. It doesn't look good from what I can tell.

Mary Katharine provides a good round up of more links, so make sure to check her post out at Hugh Hewitt had some to-the-point comments as well:

When Hill sources had told me there was a fence, I believed that a real fence was included, but of course this is the promise of a fence. It is just not serious.

Much could be negotiated away in exchange for ewal border security, but this isn't it.

And the bill won't pass.

And those associated with it have damaged their political prospects greatly.

Frustrating! It's one of those "Why do we even bother having a majority" moments! AS Hugh indicates, from Majority Leader Frist's own blog, here is the "clue" and the wrong message to would-be illegals.
Border Enforcement Specifics...

- Begin the process of securing every inch of our 1,951 mile border with Mexico by building walls and fences in high traffic areas and using sensors to let our Customs and Border Patrol Agents see and hear those who try and cross through low traffic areas
In other words, there is still time! Come one and come all! Ugh!

It just sends the wrong message and continues to be an incentive to continued illegal immigration.