Tuesday, May 9

Immigration: An Important Challenge

Not all Hispanics got on this pro-open borders bandwagon. Not everything you heard was true.

Jose Fuentes speaks out about the facts--the truth--about this important challenge.

Let this be a warning to citizens of Latino heritage. The question everyone should be asking is "Can Democrats be trusted?" This the party that lied to America and was willing to use a large segment of our population to further their political ambitions.

While we all may not agree on the Republican's proposed solutions, this doesn't mean you should go out and vote Democrat come November. That would be playing right into their hands.
By Jose Fuentes
May 9, 2006

The immigration issue is one of the most important challenges we as a nation face. And yet, after weeks and months of debate and discussion, we remain at a deadlock. Two simple news items might help to explain why:

Item one: Senate Democrats – particularly Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – backed out of what seemed to be a compromise because they were more concerned with the political ramifications surrounding the immigration issue than actually providing a solution.

Item two: 191 out of the 201 House members belonging to one of our major political parties voted recently to make illegal immigrants felons. That party was the Democrat Party. These are the same folks that mislead the Hispanic community and attack Republicans each and every day.

These are two of just many examples where the minority party has worked against comprehensive immigration reform. To Democrats, the immigration debate is about one thing: winning the 2006 election…

The Democrats are doing everything they can to keep people from realizing a simple fact: it is the Republican Party that is proposing real solutions to the immigration issue. It is the Republican Party that is proposing a system under which illegal immigrants can--once they meet certain conditions--work here legally. It is the Republican Party that is working to shore up our borders.

The President is working with Republicans in Congress to put forth a comprehensive plan on immigration.
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