Sunday, May 7

The Spheres in Society: Protecting the family and the church

Most of us here in the blogosphere, and most good citizens, engage in the battle to ensure the sphere of government remains within its proper boundaries, and executes its responsibilities to society.

How many of us have considered the proper role within the spheres of the individual citizen, the family, and the church?

While government has overflowed its boundaries, I propose it may have a large part in the fact that the roles of men, families, and church have abdicated their proper role in our society. How many men are NOT engaging with their wives and children? How many families are falling apart? How many of us are truly engaging and supporting the structure of the church in order to help "it" execute its responsibilities to society?

"We are not marbles in a bag" said a college professor, alluding to the fact that we are not just simple individuals that do not cross into each other's spheres. It is all interrelated, and the failure of one will inevitably affect the other.

So, those are my Sunday morning thoughts as I get ready to head out to church. I mean it as a challenge to readers--you have a unique and equally important role in society right there within the boundaries of your own home. Be a good wife. Be a good husband. Be a good father or mother. Fight to the bitter end to ensure the preservation of YOUR family, and make that a priority. And finally, don't forget the important role of the church--that group of people that meet together to practice our faith and engage with a loving God that cares about you and me, and what to know each one of us better in a personal sort of way.

History tells that our founding fathers knew that our form of government was meant to function within a moral framework. If we cannot govern ourselves, no one can. The church and the practice of faith, and the family all have a very important role in strengthening the moral fabric of our society.

Let's make sure we are equally committed to protecting those spheres and engaging in the ongoing battle to preserve and strengthen the church, and the family. They are equally as important as small government that stays within its constitutional boundaries.