Wednesday, May 10

The Problems with Christian Education

Joe Belz has an interesting column this week on the problems with Christian education. Anyone involved either in Homeschooling or in Christian education should read it. But before anyone gets offended, make sure to get to the last part of the article. There are core differences between having problems in Christian education, and the horror stories coming out of public schools.

But there are still a couple of profound differences.

One is that neither Mr. Wilkey nor any other critics of Christian schools or homeschools have ever been asked to pay one red cent for all the mistakes we've made. That stands in stark contrast to the fact that all of us involved in Christian schools and homeschools have to pay, year after year, for the mistakes and wrong-headedness of public education.

Second, any family patronizing any of the programs making the mistakes I've outlined here has the easy option, when they get tired of such mistakes, of just walking away from such a program—without penalty. Very few families patronizing public schools have such an option.

So to my friends in public schools, I say: Keep challenging us to admit our own weaknesses, even while we point out weaknesses in the public system. We need to take seriously some of your criticisms. But remember also that the ability to respond to those weaknesses is very much part of the picture.

He makes good points. We should do something to correct these in our home school associations, in our church-schools, and in our private community Christian schools. For those that wonder, my wife and I plan to homeschool when our future children come to the proper age. I keep a keen interest on the subject of education, and homeschooling. I also taught in a private bilingual school in La Ceiba, Honduras for over a year--a great experience.