Thursday, May 11

Ken Mehlman and Michael Barone on The Glenn and Helen Show

Update: Mehlman had some good things to say, but I hear disconnect between what he says and some of the things happening out there. I know the border patrol is aprehending a lot, and Mehlman says they have stopped the catch-and-release, yet the evidence says otherwise!

So, what is it? I'm still listening...will have more later.


I'm downloading it right now. I'll let you all know what I think once I listen to it.
It's a roundup of Republican problems and solutions in today's Glenn and Helen Show. First, we talk to Ken Mehlman, chair of the Republican National Committee, about polls, anger in the base, and issues like immigration, spending, taxes, and judges. We pressed Mehlman pretty hard, and I think it's fair to say that he realizes that action is more important than rhetoric if the GOP is to win back the base before November. Whether he and the White House can deliver on that, especially in the face of the Senate Republicans' foot-dragging, is another question.

Given all the dissatisfaction, especially over immigration, we also talked with Michael Barone, blogger, columnist, and editor of The Almanac of American Politics, about the prospects for a third-party candidate in 2008. Barone is interesting as always.

I hope you enjoy them both. You can listen to the program by clicking right here, or you can get it via iTunes here (we like it when you subscribe). A low-fi episode, suitable for dialup, etc., is available here, and there's an archive of previous podcasts right here.