Tuesday, June 21

Guess Who is Paying for Your Social Security Benefits?

Interesting piece at VOA news. What I found most interesting is a fact that keeps popping up here and there, but it seems like no one is making the connection. With average birth rates going rapidly down, when you look at US birth rates it is interesting to note the reason our birth rates are not dipping like in the rest of the world is because of Hispanics. They inflate and deflect the trend. So, you tell me--who is going to be paying for my Social Security benefits when I retire? It's going to be our children--Hispanics.

Latinos were responsible for about one-half of the national population growth from July of two thousand three to July of two thousand four. The Census Bureau says their growth rate was more than three and one-half percent, compared to one percent nationally.

Half the Latinos in the United States are under the age of twenty-seven. This is a result of high birth rates combined with high immigration levels. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Latinos enter the country legally.