Thursday, June 23

More Big-Brother Government

Inevitably, this decision affects Hispanics in poor areas. One one side, an improved economy is good--more jobs for low income people. On the other hand, I am never for more government control. I just get the feeling that this was not thought out. Way to many conflicts and problems are being solved through government intervention. So, what would be the alternative? What would conservatives and small-government advocates do? Good words from O'Connor and Clarence Thomas.

"Today nearly all real property is susceptible to condemnation on the court's
theory," Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote in opposition to the ruling. "Any
property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party."

O'Connor said the opinion would result in a shift of property away from poor
owners in favor of those with "disproportionate influence and power."

Justice Clarence Thomas went further in his dissent, arguing that the
court's decision "regrettably" would exacerbate the harmful effects that urban
renewal projects have had on African-American communities.