Wednesday, June 22

Imigration - Good ideas from Steve Forbes

I'm having a rough day. I had to take the afternoon of from work to get some studying done for a Statistics mid-term. For those who are new to my blogs, I am working on my MBA, and this is my first semester. linked to a post by VIRGINIA POSTREL that points to an editorial by Steve Forbes on immigration policy.

The post reads:

Forbes is right: It's asinine.

We have the worst of all worlds in our current immigration system -- it's demeaning, unpredictable, and contemptuous toward would-be legal immigrants, while being porous toward illegals. And it's the main experience most foreigners have of dealing with the United States government. When my Nigerian sister-in-law, before she married my brother, passed her citizenship test, my brother said he was glad that the person who swore her in was so nice, because it was the first time in the entire process that the process wasn't run by a jerk.

This is a mess, and the Bush Administration isn't fixing it. It should.

I like how Virginia concludes:
The visa hassles are no small thing, even for permanent residents and foreign-born citizens whose families want to visit them. "For the first time, I feel like a foreigner in this country," one of Professor Postrel's Indian-born colleagues told us at at recent party. We are needlessly alienating people who enrich our country and culture--and who would otherwise spread pro-American sentiment to their home countries. Bravo to Steve Forbes, for raising an issue most politically active people would prefer to ignore.
It's important to keep in mind that the problems and challenged of imigration are not all about the Mexicans or Hispanics. I wish more Hispanics kept this in mind--they wouldn't be so sensitive or defensive about the subject, and then we could have some real solutions. Regardless, our government needs to act and fix the system. Its brocken, Hispanic or not Hispanic.