Thursday, June 23

Is He Suggesting Affirmative Action TV Production?

I don't know what to think about this article. While it would be great if more of the country was better educated and aware of the Hispanic communities around them, I think more Hispanics need to integrate into society and get involved in their communities--That will increase awareness of Hispanics. Let's get out of our Gehtos! That's why I moved out of Miami!

Albor Ruiz is a columnist for the Daily News. He writes:

Out of an estimated 16,000 stories aired on the networks in 2004, only 115 stories - or 0.72% - were exclusively about Latinos, NAHJ found out. Even worse, despite the explosive increase of the Hispanic population, things are not getting any better. Actually, last year's figures represented a decrease from 2003, when there were 131 stories about Latinos, or 0.82%.

Out of an estimated 548 hours of network news stories aired in 2004, a scant 0.62% (3 hours and 25 minutes) was dedicated to Latino stories, according to the report.

"The dearth of coverage of Latinos is a disservice to our society," said Iván Román, NAHJ's executive director. "Despite the staggering growth of the U.S. Latino population, viewers across the country continue to learn very little about the Hispanic community by watching the network news."

Can someone suggest sensible solutions? Are TV networks at fault, or perhaps, more Hispanics need to rise up to the occasions that make the news? I think there are plenty of Hispanics making the news out there, but perhaps because they are conservative, the MSM doesn't like covering them. Then you have the extreme left wing "La Raza" types...