Thursday, June 23

Spain's prime minister going too far, too fast!

UPDATE: fr. Salinas pointed me to his blogs that hold collections of images of the Spain pro-family protests. Make sure to check them out. This is to huge to ignore.
Here is something the MSM is ignoring!

My sources indicated that the police estimated the crowd at 1.5 to 2.0 million people who, despite an earlier rally by the gay community (less than 100,000), turned out en masse to demonstrate their support against the initiative.
The PSOE officials are trying to downplay the event, but 1.5 million people can't be ignored, even by the socialist government which is trying to ram through it's agenda. The high Catholic officials rarely in the history of this country get involved in protests such as this, but the Archbishop of Madrid and dozens of other high church officials were actually in the march. Over five hundred busses brought people from all over Spain to participate in the march. We give God the Glory, and WLM... can look with satisfaction on this event as having struck the original match to shake these organizations out of their lethargy. Our full page ad [published in El Pais, Spain's #1 secular newspaper] on March 31st spurred many other like responses and put backbone into the gathering of signatures in protest. I asked several leaders of the pro-family groups about the signatures that were gathered [on the anti-gay marriage petition we circulated], and nobody knew the results of that effort. I do know that over 1.0 million signatures were presented to the Senate.
World Peace Herald had a story reporting the protests as well. Well, they voted this guy in, now they pay the price. Conservatives in Spain have to wake up and be proactive.
On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people protested in Madrid against a gay marriage bill Spain's leftist parliament is expected to legalize June 30. It would make Spain only the second European country, after the Netherlands, to allow both gay marriages and gay adoptions.

Saturday's march received the backing of Spain's Episcopal Conference, which oversees the country's Catholic Church. And to be sure, the church's influence has declined dramatically in Spain in recent years. But the sheer numbers of protesters attests to the fact a sizable chunk of Spaniards are uneasy about legalizing same-sex marriage.