Friday, August 5

Dr. James Dobson -- embryonic stem cell research like Nazi experiments

In a world where political correctness is valued above the truth, it is to be expected that Dr. Dobson would be harrased for his boldness in speaking out for the unborn. As far as the left, there is no freedom speech when it comes to speaking out against liberal values.

In response to his recent radio show, "A Closer Look at Stem Cell Research," Dr. Dobson received a backlash of harsh criticism regarding comments he made comparing embryonic stem cell research to the Nazis' human experimentation during the Holocaust--very close similarity and serious ethical concerns.

All knowing critics labeled Dr. Dobson's remarks "ignorant and insulting" and are demanding an apology. Well, it's no Dr. Dobson's style to back away from a good fight for what is right, so today, Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family bioethics analyst Carrie Gordon Earll are setting the record straight.

As usuall, the left and the media just love twisting Dr. Dobson's words--they would do and say anything to undermine his public credibility and promote the advance of embryonic stem cell research. has today's program where Dr. Dobson discusses the backlask towards his comments.