Wednesday, August 3

Message to Castro -- "I've had enough!"

Revolutionary post by on the new battle cry for the freedom of the Cuban people. "I've had enough!" Oh, that our people would rise from the ashes of a destroyed nation, would ignore fear, and face their enemies united. Would not death be better than what Castro has to offer? If the people unite, and rise up against him, the world will notice. Unity! Unity! Stand together. Rise together. Be willing to fall together. ¡Ya no mas!

I feel very strongly that this idea – this meme* -- can begin to infect the Cuban people with the strength and will to overcome what they are going through. Overcome the fear of the military, the fear of the CDRs, the fear of the filthy chivatos in the neighborhoods, all of it. Since armed insurrection is not possible at this point, my modest proposal to the people of Cuba is simple. Whenever it gets to the point that the situation seems hopeless, all of you have to say are three words written in Spanish: ¡Ya no mas! – "I've had enough!"

To the folks on the island, I want you to say these three simple words: repeat them, believe them. Don't just say them. All of you on the island have to understand that despite the CDRs, despite the lack of electricity, despite the lack of fresh milk for your babies, despite the all of these things, you are still human beings, you have dignity and worth, you are God’s children like the rest of us. And when the frustration is too much, you have to rise up and yell, ¡Ya no mas! -- "I've had enough!"

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