Wednesday, August 3

Telesur shows its true colors -- Has no credibility

Words and arguments are not needed to prove the bias and lack of credibility of Telesur. All you have to do is watch it for a few hours, and it becomes evident. Even a first year journalism student could list the ethical mess it makes out of journalism.

TeleSur; Daily Chavez and Castro propaganda.

Less than two weeks into its transmissions, 24-hour news-and-culture channel Telesur, supported by leftist President Hugo Chávez and Cuba, has already proved better at making the news than reporting it.

It has cost a Venezuelan Cabinet minister his job, irritated some neighbors, triggered concerns in the Bush administration and sparked a threatened countermeasure by the U.S. Congress.

Since it started broadcasting on July 24, Telesur has scored high with analysts for the quality of its images, editing and graphics, but has shown a lack of impartiality in its news reports and a leftist bent in its programming.

A heavy pro-Cuban bias was evident in the news and other segments, including a lengthy film about Cuban guerrilla icon Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara, as seen by Fidel Castro.

Items critical of the United States and key allies such as Britain and Colombia also received a lot of airtime, while statements from Colombia's leftist guerrillas were given prominence.

Out of 11 reports on Thursday's bulletin, for instance, at least three featured statements by Chavez's No. 2 man, Vice President José Vicente Rangel. Another concerned the resignation of Information Minister Andrés Izarra to become full-time head of the television network.

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